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Historical Identity = Theological Identity; The Evidence says Krishna-Balarama-Paramatma is the Judeo-Christian Trinitarian Godhead, and The Shekinah Mysticism of Mary The Mystical Rose is That of Radha

Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga Ki Jaya !

At the heart of the Jewish, Catholic Christian and Sufi Muslim Traditions is something western theologians call 'Bridal Mysticism'.  In Bridal Mysticism, Israel, The Church or the individual Soul is considered 'feminine' (Shakti-Prakriti or Receiver) in relationship to the 'masculine' (Purusha) Godhead, Who is the Giving Source and Lover of all beings. Historically this concept is related to the Song of Songs in the Jewish Scripture and to Eli-Yahu and Shekinah Rabbinical Theology.  Shekinah has been considered the uncreated Feminine or Receiver-ness of Godhead.  She is variously related to the Feminine Divine in Jewish and Catholic Mysticism as the Bride of God, the Mother of all living, the Vessel of the universe,  Holy Wisdom, Personified Devotion /Love, Queen Sabbath , Ark of Salvation, Mediatrix of Divine Mercy etc. Thus, even today, Orthodox Jewish Rabbis still teach that the entire spiritual realm and cosmic manifestation is an expression of the metaphysical love affair of their Biblical Deity Eli or Yahu and His feminine Shekinah. In Catholic Christianity, the theology of Shekinah has been preserved in the tradition of the 'hyper dulia' or special veneration of Mary.  Mary's ancient 'Bridal Mysticism' related name is the 'Mystical Rose'.  'Rose' or RHODA in Greek was the 'Original' or 'Kore' (HARE) virgin-maiden form of Shekinah venerated throughout the region.  Mary has many names and her 'kenosis' or spiritual emptiness / receiver-ness is considered to be the condition which is required for God's Incarnation in the universe and in each soul.  'Bridal' or mystical union with God is not possible without the kenosis of Rhoda-Shekinah-Mary.  Furthermore, Catholic tradition teaches that understanding Mary as THEOTOKOS and MATER DEI, the 'Mother of God', is the key to understanding the historical and theological identity of the Judeo-Christian Godhead. If we study the names and related doctrines and practices of Mary found throughout all of the Apostolic (Catholic) Churches of Christianity, from a Vaishnava or Shaivite understanding of Radha-Shakti, it becomes abundantly clear that  Rhoda-Shekinah-Mariam is, in fact, Radha-Shakti-Narayani.  Thus She reveals to us the identity of the Biblical Deity Eli-El or Yahu. EL or ELI=HARI or HARA.  The Supreme Semitic Deity Eli or El is  Hari (Krishna)  &  Hara (Dionysos-Bal as Shiva).  Yahu is Vasu-deva or Vishnu  (YISHMA-YAHU in Hebrew means Vishnu –Yasu or Vishnu is Yahu,  YESHI-YAHU means Vasu is Yahu, and is related to the Heliopolitan and Theban  Egyptian Deity Names ASU and WASU.)  Again, if we study the ancient Names, doctrines and practices associated with ELI-YAHU, we cannot honestly avoid the conclusion that the Biblical Deity is Krishna-Vishnu / Shiva, the God of Vedic and Puranic Bhakti  Traditions. In the ancient Mediterranean region, there was not the separation between Vaishnavism and Shaivism that we see today, as all Vishnu and Shiva Manifestations were considered forms of BALU-YAHU-DIONYSOS (MESSIAS), BALADEVA, the Salvific Descending Savior of all universes. Yahu, also called BALU is the Emanating and Incarnating Savior of all worlds, the Servitor Lord, the NAMA-RUPA of Godhead for salvific pastimes. He is the Second Person of the Judeo-Catholic Trinity. In the Mediterranean, He is the Source of all  'SHIVA' Forms as well as Vishnu Forms of GOD.  All sacrificial systems and sacramental social orders derive from His primal once-and-all-sufficient Self-sacrifice at the beginning of every cosmic manifestation as YUPA DHVAJA, the virata-rupa Purusha of the Rig Vedic Hymn, the Purusha Sukta.

For over fifty years, some Jewish scholars have suggested that the Song of Songs Divine Love Tradition is historically related to some 'Mystery School' in the ancient Mediterranean Sea.  In the mid 1960s I identified that 'school' as the transcendent monotheism and idealism of HELIUS (ELI-YAHU) KOUROS and RHODA on the SACRED ROSE or LOTUS ISLAND (Radha-Padme Dwipa) of RHODES.  All Mediterranean regional monotheism and related high civilization was associated with this religion of RHODA and KOUROS HELIUS on Their Sacred Isle of Rhodes.  KOUROS (KRISHNA) was considered the 'Original Form' of HELI-US.  As EROS He was the Lord of all Hearts, and the Lover of all souls . Psyche, or soul was considered feminine, or receiver in relation the God, the Origin and Giver of Being.
HELIOS /  KOUROS /  EROS / was called KYRIOS ‘LORD’.  Since the Late SERAPEAN Alexandrine Biblical Greek ELI-AS, KYRI-OS and THE-OS can be identified both with the Hebrew Deity ELI-YAHU and the Greek Monotheists' Deity HELI-US, it is clear that the monotheistic Heli-us of Rhodes is historically the Judeo-Christian Deity Elo-Ah, Eli-Yahu or Muslim ALLAH.  This compound Holy Name appears throughout the ancient world wherever the Krishna-Vishnu Godhead is worshiped. For instance in Rome as SOLE-US, in Egypt as HOR-US, in India as HARIH, SUREH, HARAH,  HARYAH or SURYA (many variants in India) and in Tibet and Japan as HRIH, the seed-mantra name of AMITABHA or AMIDA BUDDHA.  In each region This Deity was originally worshiped not as a 'solar demigod', but as the Supreme Person, The very Spirit of Love, and Lord of the Heart.  As GOD-WHO-IS-LOVE, HARI-VASU WAS RASA RAJA, TRANSCENDENT CAUSE and END OF THE UNIVERSE, CREATOR of all creators (KRITA KRITA), LORD of all lords (VARDA VARDANA), and KING of kings / BASILEOS basileos (VASUDEVA of the VASUDEVAS).  As the all-pervasive HARI / ELI lord of the HEART (HRID, CORDIA, HRI-DAYA or HARI-DAYA) HE pervaded the cosmos as ATEN / ADON (ATMAN).  In His pervasive feature as Light, and as the Personal Source of Divine Light He was worshiped as  PR AMAN (BRAHMAN) and PHOS (BHAS, as in AMITA-BHA).  Thus whenever The Biblical Deity is invoked as LIGHT / PHO (S) the very NAME OF THE ADI BUDDHA AMITA BHA (S), AMITO-FHO IS INVOKED!  Greek LIGHT = PHO, Sanskrit = BHA, Chinese = FHO. The Pure Land Buddhist Dharma Kaya or ‘Original Body of the Transcendent Adi Buddha’  AMITA BHA is HRIH, also called BHAGAVAN and ADI PURUSHA and PUROSOTTAMA in the Pure Land Sanskrit Buddhist Scriptures.

 Numerous legends of pre-historic Rhodes indicate that the Supreme Lord was worshiped there in peaceful unity by Greeks (Indo-Europeans), Phoenicians (Semites) and Egyptians (Africans).  The first high civilizations of the region were all HELIO-POLITAN.  They all worshipped Helios locally in His multi-form as ZEUS (THEOS) POLIEUS.  Kouros-Zeus had infinite forms.  Modern scholars have seriously erred in their analysis of Greek religions.  The FULGAR (lighting bearer) form of Zeus (Indra) was not His Original Supreme Form.  The Discus also became confounded with the lighting bolt due to the VAJRA becoming confounded with the CHAKRA as the astra of the Almighty Heavenly Father God. KOUROS WAS THE ORIGINAL FORM OF ZEUS-JUPITER-AMAN.  This can be confirmed by the famous HYMN TO KOUROS discovered on Crete, and  the Pythagorean, Platonic and Orphic worship of Helios Kouros / Eros as Supreme.  Kouros was worshiped in His cities in local ZEUS (DEVA) POLIEUS FORMS. The sacramental social order of His Temple Community, City-State and Inter-national Federations as POLIEUS or POLIS was His PURUSHA SUKTA based varnashrama dharma social system.  As Polieus, Kouros was worshiped in awe and reverence as the Divine King BAZO-DEO (VASU-DEVA) with HIS QUEEN BASI-LEA (VASU-DEVI).   Thus, in each location (LOKA)  POLIEUS and RHODE as FORTUNA-TYCHE were PURUSHA and LAKSMI.

Originally, all Helio-politan coinage was minted for exchange between Federation Temple City-States at the temples of FORTUNA-MONETA.  This is the origin of 'MONEY', from LAKSMI - FORTUNA's Name MONETA.  Sattvic Heliopolitan Temple Federation Members would not trade with the worshippers of  'false gods' whose a-dharmic worship involved tamasic things like human sacrifice and cannibalism, forced chattle slavery, orgiastic rites of intoxication and perverse sex, scripturally unauthorized sacrifice, black-marketeering and related 'gaming' or gambling.  Thus the religion of Helios was always considered ascetic, or pietistic and holy as opposed to the degraded forms of false 'god' polytheism which ruled in the tamasic realms of sin and social anarchy, or perverted  tamasic social order.  Sattvic or 'good' / benevolent order was maintained in Purusha's Polis sacramental social organization through the sacramental exchange of holy /sattvic or 'offerable' goods and services via the Sattvic Purusha Sukta based sacrificial system.  'Bridal Mysticism' and the doctrines of Laksmi-Shakti (Fortuna-Shekinah) and Prasadam (God's Presence in the Remnants of His Offerings) established and sustained Heliopolitan Monotheism throughout the ancient Mediterranean region.  According to both Rhodian and Egyptian traditions, the Heliopolitan high civilization of Egypt was established by ACTIS,  a 'RAY' or 'Son' of Helios Kouros and Rhoda before 3000 BC.  It is this tradition, both its esoteric / internal theological 'Bridal Mysticism' and its external sacramental 'catholic' social structure that is the source of Judaism, Catholic Christianity and Mystical (Sufi) Islam. The existence of this as the dominant monotheism of the Mediterranean from pre- history and the Minoan Era (circa 300 BC) onwards, proves that the obviously related 'Indo-European'  Indus-Sarasvati Culture of the same era MUST HAVE BEEN SIMILARLY HARI / HARA AND SHAKTI CENTRIC. Thus, attempts by scholars to ascribe late dates to Puranic Vaishnavism and  Shaivism are all discredited by the overwhelming evidence from the earliest Semitic, African and European indigenous Bhakti Traditions.  Africans, Semites and  Northern 'Indo-Euopeans' were  'ARYAS' (Hebrew ELYM=ARYAN) or worshipers of HARI or HARA.  The indigenous peoples of India, both the darker skinned Southern Dravidians, and the lighter Northerners were ARYANS, worshipping HARI or HARA.  In this inter-racial  salvific worship of Hari or Hara we come face-to-face with the primal revelatory tradition of the ENTIRE human race.  HERI was the pre historic Supreme Father God of the Nilo-Saharan Tribes and Language Family.   OLU / ORU was the same for the Niger peoples,  ELI / ARI / ILU etc. for the Semites and Sumerians,  Hurri, Heli, Sole etc. for the Europeans , and Hari, Hara, Sura etc. for those of the Indic and Eastern Bhakti Traditions.  HARI cognate Deity names can be found even in Austronesia and the Americas. These cognate Deity Names are associated with the Origin and Supreme Father God of all that exists,  and frequently have retained associations with Love, the Heart, Light, the Sun, Wholeness and the Circle KYKLOS / CHAKRA Icon.

From age to age the struggle has been two-fold. Humanity must battle the ego-istic tendency to divide itself up into separated antagonistic clans or groups creating their own 'false gods' of religious exclusivism, racism, nationalism etc.  We must also individually and collectively combat the tendency toward moral devolution.  In each time & place we can observe Hari's Heliopolitan (or late ‘Apollonian’) Societies struggling to achieve or maintain ascetic or sattvic social order and to promote personal virtue instead of rajarsic excess and tamasic vice. The Godhead's Polieus / Purusha Theistic Unity-in-Diversity has always been the impetus of benevolent 'High Civilization'. The Sacramental Social Body of Purusha
has  incarnated love’s idealism and maintained Dharmic exoteric cooperative social order, while The Mysteries of THE TRINITY / TRI KAYA / TRINI RUPANI and THE HOLY TRINO-SOPHIA of RADHA-SHAKTI-JIVA have thrilled the souls of the mystics of every land. A global revival of this unifying, primal exoteric and esoteric spirituality of Transcendent Idealism and  Divine Love  is what we desperately need today to combat the social chaos,  antagonism between races, nations and religions, and moral decline that threatens to overwhelm us.  One people of infinite variety, we have but One God of infinite variety. He is the Supreme Personality of Love, the Lord of all hearts, worshiped locally in His infinite NAMA-RUPA.  Let us return to His worship in His Spirit of Divine Love and Unity, through the Mercy of our Heavenly Mother, and the universal intercession of the Descending Savior of all worlds.  It is our only way to reconciliation peace and bliss, in this life and in the next !


Amen / Aum       HARE, HARI and HARA-SHAKTI Ki Jaya !   your aspiring servant,  Tridandi Sannyasi Bhakti Ananda Goswami Maharaja



RADHA is ...                          RHODA is...

1 RADHA                               RHODA, ROSE
2 HARE                                  KORE
3 SHAKTI                              SHEKINAH, SEKHET
5 ISHVARI                            ISHISH (Hebrew), ISIS
6 YAUVANI                          JUVENTAS
7 VASUDEVI                        BASILEA
8 DEVI                                  THEA, DIA
9 RAJANI, RANI                  REGINA
11 'Lunar' ROHINI                LUCHINA
13 JIVA SHAKTI                  HEVE SHEKINAH (EVE), ZOE, BIA, BA (Egypt), HEBE
14 LAKSMI                           FORTUNA-MONETA (TYCHE as LADY LUCK)
16 HARINI                            CORONIS
17 TULASI                            BASILEA as MOTHER MOST TOLERANT (TULA)
                                              MARY as REFUGE OF PRIEST SLAYERS (see below)

18 KALI                                KORONE-SEKMET
19 MAHA MATA                  MAGNA MATER
20 MAYA                              Hebrew MAYIM, kenotic and chaotic Mysterium
                                               (feminine Yoni and waters of chaos before creation)

21 SANI DEVI                       SATUREJA, QUEEN SABBATH
22 BHUMI                              BOU
     SURABHI                          EUROPA
     GO-MATA  (LOKA)         GE, GEO, (MOTHER EARTH and COW)

(Compare to corresponding # Radha / Rhoda Nama-Rupa above)

KRISHNA is...                            KOUROS  is...

1 RADHA-NATHA                  RHODOS (masculine form, Whose Symbol is the Rhodon / Rose)
2 KRISHNA                             KOUROS (CHARISMA 'ATTRACTIVE' )
3 HARI or HARA-YAHU         ELI-EL or YAHU, Lord of  SHEKINAH

4 NARA, NARAYANA            NHL-US, MZRYM (Egypt), NAHARIAM (Hebrew),
                                                 ZEUS NEREUS, JUPITER MARIMUS , NAZARENUS

5 ISH, ISHVARA                     ISH ( Husband, Lord in Hebrew)
6 YAUVANA                            JUPITER JUVENALIS (Youth)
7 VASUDEVA                         BAZODEO, BASILEOS, WASU DIOS, TOBA-YAHU (Hebrew)
8 DEVA                                   THEOS, DEOS
9 RAJA                                    REX, REGENT
10 TARA PATI                        KOUROS ASTAROS  (His Symbol is the HEXAD / Shakti Star )
11 SURYA NARAYANA         'Solar' HELIOS (see above,' Solar-Lunar' aspect of Bridal Mysticism)
12 PADMA PATI                     KOUROS NYMPHOS (masculine),
                                                 NILUS (His Symbol is the Lotus)

13 PARAM-ATMA                     ATEN, ATUM, ATMN, ADON-YAHU, ADAM (The Deity)
     or ATMAN                             ATOMOS, AUTOS, ONTOS  also called AUM, ON, ONE, UNI, OMNI

15 BRAHMA                                HELIOS PHANES as YEDA-YAHU (Krishna Vedayah,
                                                      Source, Object and Knower of the Vedas)

16 HARI, HVARENA                   CORONOS, 'garlanded with ray-hands'

     SHEELA the Sacred                 the fossil Ammonite or aniconic 'Sun' stone (worshiped with TULASI,
     Ammonite Stone                      His Sacred Basil, Ocimum Sanctum, Hyssopus, Ezob, Konig's Kraut,
                                                     King's Wort, Satureja, Rhada Mantys, Mentha, Sacred Labiate,
                                                     Marjoram, Rosemary, Oreganum  etc.

18 KALA                                     ZEUS KORONOS, JUPITER SATURNUS, YAHU TZABAOTH,
     NARA HARI as KALAH        Lion-headed Wrathful Form of HELIOS / HORUS /ELIYAHU,
     SHIVAYA                              African APADEMAK, AMUN-RE, and ZERVAN of the Zoroastrians,
    or MAHADEVA                      and Mithraics

19 MAHA PITA                            DIES-PITER THEOS / ZEUS as Father of the gods, or FATHER GOD
     YA PATI                                   JU-PITER, FATHER IOU/YAH (YA is a Name of PURUSHA as
     DEVASPATI                            Masculine BEING)

20 YOGESHVARA                         Helios as Lord of both the conJUGal Mysteries and kenotic/apophatic
     MAYESHVARA                       emptiness or chaos (Hebrew MAYIM) before the creation of a finite
     Lord of both YOGA                  universe (like our own)
     MAYA and

21 SAPTARAJA                            HELIOS HEBDO-MAGENOUS, Jupiter-Zeus Saturnus,
     SAPTA MAHA                        YHVH 'Lord of the Sabbath', SHIVAN-YAHU or SHEBU-EL
     BHAGAVAN                            Lord God of  SEVEN, Jupiter Capitolinus Lord of SEVEN HILLS,
     SAPTA GIRI RAJA                  (Lord of the seven day week, seven hills and all sacred sevens)

     Also  see compounds of             (GO-KULA),  HELIOS EURAPOS or SERAPIS,  HELIOS-APIS,
     Hari, Sura &c with APA            HOR-HAP / HERI-HAPI =  Hebrew ELI-HABHA or ELIABA /
     for water, ABHI for before         ABIEL  (this name has other important meanings associated with
     etc.,  Upa and other Sanskrit       Father /Abba  Pa, Water / Apa,  Covering or Hiding / Abha,
     cognates of Greek Hyp, Sub,       and being Hidden / Abha cognate with the Egyptian and Greek HP/B
     Epi revealing the paradox           see the theophoric name CHABA-YAHU)
     of the Transcendent and
     Immanent Godhead

Compare the above, for instance … The Original Forms of the Roman Supreme Father and Mother
                                                       are Jupiter Juvenalis and Juno Juventas.  This is Krishna Nava
                                                       YAUVANA and Radha VAUVANI.  In Greece They are Kouros
                                                       and  Rhoda Kore, KRISHNA and RADHA.

                                                        The sacred waters related Names and Forms of Jupiter and Juno
                                                        are Marimus and Marina.  This is NARAYANA and NARAYANI.
                                                        As the King and Queen They are Regent and Regina.  This is RAJA
                                                        and RAJANI or RANI.

                                                         In Greece and in the Greek Bible, The Sacred King and Queen are
                                                         Basileos and  Basilea.  This is VASUDEVA and VASUDEVI.

There are hundreds of such clear connections between the Eastern and Western Bhakti Traditions, not only Indo-European, but between the African and Semitic Deity Names as well !  The field of Linguistic Superfamilies has recently produced  a theory of something called the Nostratic Superfamily of languages, based on discoveries of apparent global linguistic connections .   My own discoveries regarding the global cognate names of GOD /ESS anticipated this discovery of a primal human tongue over 30 years ago.
I sincerely pray that the devotees of the Lord will not continue to ignore my contributions for another 30 years.  I am giving away this information as an offering to GOD / ESS and Their Servants for the reconciliation of all humanity.  All I want is for someone to take it.  It is offered in great love with no desire for anything in return.  Please accept these words which attempt to glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead, His Shekinah / Shakti, and all of Their Saints, for Their Pleasure and the joy of all devotees.

Copyright © by Tridandi Sannyasi Bhakti Ananda Goswami 2001 - All Rights Reserved, as a Resurrection Week Offering, 4-15-2001

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