Terrorism in New York and the World Resolve to End Terrorism


New York and the World Resolve to End Terrorism

Bhakti Ananda Goswami


Dear Bhakta Neal and Hare Krishna World Readers,

Please accept my humble obeisances.  This letter is also addressed to Shaivites, because its original draft was to a Shaivite who emailed me.  I have removed her identification but left her comments  for reference.  The caps are not shouting. Sometimes i use caps for emphasis, or to distinguish my words from someone else's, but often when i resort to all caps, it is because due to polio-damaged eye muscle fatigue,  i am intermittently unable to focus well enough to see the small letters.  My apologies.

First let me list some ideas from  Bhakta Neal's email regarding  the role of karma in the attack on New York.

1)  Have those who have died paid individual  and/or collective  karmic debts from this life or the last?
2)  Is it possible for the innocent to be victims of someone else's bad karma ?
3)  Is it more generalized...did they pay for just living or working there ?

Let us look at these questions themselves. We have a way of inquiring that tends to reduce reality into a series or either-or propositions.  Our culture teaches us a judgementalism that continually causes us to generalize and over-simplify  everything in our attempt to sort some semblance of order and justice out of the apparent chaos and injustice in our experience. Instead of leaving judgement up to GOD, we feel the need to pass some little judgement ourselves, whenever we are confronted with something that looks like 'bad karma' or the wrathful 'judgement of God'.  We tend to speculate about the sinfulness of the souls that have somehow earned 'God's Wrath' or Nature's Revenge.  In doing so, we forget all the other relevant teachings of scripture and tradition which should caution us against such judgementalism when it comes to the victims of disasters, sufferers of illness and oppression etc.  We should resist the temptation to reduce the complex reality into one or several either-or propositions.  For example, all of the above 3 questions raise valid issues of cause and effect, but should not be considered as having  mutually exclusive answers.  There is both remote and proximate / near  time-place-person-and-action cause and effect. Whether it is remote...as in 'original sin' (the 'inherited'  sin that we are all born with), or immediate (in our momentary choices), 'karma' has causes.  In this world, suffering is always related to sin, but we must be very careful not to assume that the one doing the suffering in every instance, is the one sinning, or who has sinned.  In fact, the action of God's external visible laws of Dharma cannot be opposed to the workings of His internal invisible laws of Karma.  Thus the very fact of the existence of benevolent social Dharma presumes the innocence of beings, who deserve to be protected from attack and suffering by God's appointed administrators of Dharmic justice...the Dharma protectors.
If our Earthly general innocence from personal / proximate sin were not presumed, then this would be a hellish planet, not a middle /earthly planet as described in our shastras.  The inhabitants of Earth are 'innocent until proven guilty' when it comes to personal ( not 'original') sin.  Thus they generally enjoy the protection of a Dharma that upholds their presumed-innocent status.   All  pondering of catastrophes, sufferings and 'acts of God' must thus consider the Dharmic foundation and framework of the jivatma's essential integrity.

Mundane reaction is not the only thing going on in any apparently material situation.  There are hidden spiritual forces acting as well, including the will of The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the intercessory actions of the Pure Devotees,  Bodhisattvas and Saints, Devas, Angels, and the adversarial forces of KETU-RAHU and his minions.  Ketu, the cosmic enemy of HARI and the SURA-GANA / HARI-JANA  Devas is SETU-RAAH  'SATAN', the enemy of the Biblical Deity ELI and His ELO-HIMA / ELYM 'deities'.  Ketu-Rahu, the Asuras, Daityas, Rahus and other tamasic  entities oppose and attack GOD HIMSELF when He comes to this world.  What makes us think that when Krishna must always fight demons and the attackers of Dharma, that we will not also be attacked and harassed  ESPECIALLY when we try to serve the Lord, instead of the asuric slave-masters?  How can we imagine, after reading so many scriptures about God's battles against tamasic forces, that much suffering in our world is not related to the on-going attacks of such forces.  Much suffering is obviously proximately due to demonic envy and hatred of God in His people.  We needn't look for hidden remote or proximate bad-karmic causes to diabolize the victims of adharmic, asuric attacks and thus 'justify' their suffering.  We may be tempted to do this to protect God's honor as a just and benevolent Deity, if we misunderstand the nature of free will and sin in this world.  But, if we understand the scriptures in totality, we MUST SEE THE CLEAR REALITY THAT GOD IS OPPOSED BY REAL ENTITIES IN THIS WORLD, AND THESE BEINGS WAGE CONTINUAL GROSS AND SUBTLE, PERSONAL AND COLLECTIVE WAR ON GOD AND OTHER LIVING ENTITIES.  (yes capped for emphasis!)

In the 'Vedic' Age, Dharmic civilization was not paralysed into impotent inaction because of 'karmic' analysis paralysis.

The corruption of the concept of 'karma' which allows it to be a tool of oppressors, and justification of evil-doers is part of the devolutionary force of kali yuga.  Historically, the 'laws of karma' have been abusively invoked to explain, excuse and even promote the enslavement of women, whole races and cultures, the economic exploitation of the world by colonialist powers, genocide, and closer to home in the Hare Krishna Movement, i have even heard 'karma' invoked to blame the victims of child abuse and wife beating for their own abuse !

Nationally or individually, in every case this  blaming of the asuric act's victim for their own attack/ abuse has the effect of modifying the victim's and the world's response to the act and its perpetrator.  The result is the adharmic world we live in today.  Kali / confusion reigns, because people are confused about right and wrong, who is the criminal ('crime' is from 'karma') and who is the victim.  Asuric bombers of school buses become heroic 'freedom fighters' and little children riding to school are legitimate 'military' targets ! India has been laid to waste not because the Muslims attacked it, or the British ruled and exploited it, but because it FIRST PHILOSOPHICALLY LOST ITS RESOLVE to protect Dharma according to the clear laws of God.

Now i am a Vaishnava who has tried to practice ahimsa for over 30 years.  I believe in non-violence as a holy way of life, and i am not promoting aggression and violence against the non-aggressive, non-combatant peoples of the world.  BUT, there is such a thing as doing one's duty to protect people from the adharmic aggressive acts of those with an asuric mentality.  The Dharma Shastras say that there is no sin in using lethal violence to protect oneself or others from a potentially lethal attack.  It is not only allowed for Dharma Protectors / Ksatriyas to violently defend their 'presumed innocent'  non-combatant peoples, but IT IS THEIR DUTY, IT IS REQUIRED.  Why did the great ksatriyas of India fail to protect Her from the rape, plunder and pillaging desecration of the followers of Muhammed ?  It was not because India lacked the human or other resources.  As an historian i can tell you that  India succumbed for one reason only, due to wide-spread corruption of Her sense of Dharma.  India lost Her moral resolve to protect Dharma, in a pathological fascination with speculation about karma.  The glory of the golden age of Indian civilization disappeared as an anti-social, anti-incarnational morbid Jain, Theravadin Buddhist, Western Gnostic, Impersonalist and amalgamated philosophical fascination with hidden Karma replaced the society's moral resolve to defend exoteric, visible Dharma.

It is fine to be concerned with the inner world , and to introspectively seek the root causes of sin and related suffering.   It is good to renounce judgement and violence AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  But IT IS ALSO A SIN TO NEGLECT ONE´S DUTY TO PROTECT OTHER BEINGS AND DHARMA ITSELF.  Kali Yuga begins with an assault on the "bull of dharma". Now, where are the strong Ksatriyas who are willing to protect India, the USA and other nations from the genocidal terrorists, slave dealers,  drug traffickers, and oppressors / evil doers ? In the microcosm of our own civil and religious communities, where is our resolve to confront and purge the clear evils from our own midst ?  We are so confused about cause-and -effect that our laws routinely abuse the victims of henious crimes, and allow their attackers to go free to repeatedly victimize others. In one sense,  this is the same pathology that cost India Her freedom, and has allowed individual and organized crime to so profoundly corrupt  every nation.  The doctrine of karma is used by introspective daivic people to  understand sinfulness in the cause-and-effect of their own lives.  But 'karma' is not something asuric people are concerned with.  They are not bothered by moral introspection, and are NOT PARALYSED BY  THE KIND OF KARMIC QUESTIONS WHICH COMPROMISE OUR MORAL JUDGEMENT AND INTERFERE WITH OUR ABILITY TO ACT IN THE DEFENCE OF OTHERS, AND OUR DEFENCE OF DHARMA.  When i was in Asia and India i saw pervasive individual and societal suffering that other-wise good people totally lacked the moral conviction and resolve to do anything about.   When i questioned why this was so....i always received the same simplistic answer, 'KARMA'.  Despite the human impetus to be compassionate and helpful, everywhere i saw the abused doctrine of karma blocking  this impetus.  The moment that a sufferer or victim was perceived, instantly the doctrine of karma would arise to modify the perceiver's natural inclination to be empathetic and helpful.  Consequently, these Eastern peoples are neglecting their own needs and are failing in their Dharmic duty to protect each other. In the same way, we can become pathologically  preoccupied with the supposed sins of the victims of terrorism, when our focus should actually be on addressing the sins we are faced with in the terrorist acts themselves.  As an historian, my own inclination is to step back, and to take a long-range historical view of such chains of cause-and-effect, from the stand-point of the cosmic battle of Hari and the Devas versus Rahu-Ketu and the Asuras.

Terrorist attacks on non-combatant civilians are asuric, plain and simple. Mohammedan Fundamentalism is an asuric force in history, which has caused, and is causing untold suffering to the human race,  and the more civilized, more dharmic nations have lacked the clear-headed philosophical and moral resolve to confront and effectively deal with this tragic global reality.  As an historian, in my view, pain in the social body of global civilization will have to exceed a certain tolerance threshold before we will be able to achieve the collective religious and moral resolve needed to effectively deal with the global threat of Mohammedan Fundamentalism. To me, the victims of the Fundamentalist Jihadis' asuric acts are, in the long term 'big picture', the martyrs whose suffering and loss will  ultimately compel 'Hindus', Christians and other more civilized peoples to take-back our planet from the constant threat of the asuras’ adharmic violence. There is no healthy future for the human race under the evils of Communist Atheism, Mohammedan Fundamentalism, or Predatory/ Exploitative Capitalism (and its shadow, organized crime).  The only hope for humanity is the decisive defeat of these aggressive adharmic forces  by a coalition of ecumenical Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Indigenous and other freedom and peace loving religious peoples.  It will take all of us working together to take back the sacred ground of Bharata / Mother Eortha / Earth from these enemies of free and peaceful civilization .

We each have our own small part to contribute in the war effort...for it is a war which has been forced upon us by militant, agressive atheism, fundamentalist fanatical iconoclasm ( with its disdain for all embodied life), and the evil purveyors of drugs, weapons, pornography, the sellers of human beings and ill-gotten body parts, and all manner of evil in the name of commerce and profit.  Since our only human hope is in an unified effort of believers,  this IS THE TIME FOR A GLOBAL NON-SECTARIAN SANKIRTAN MOVEMENT TO UNITE ALL THE DEVOTEES OF THE SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD. We should reach out to our sisters and brothers, including our civilized Muslim sisters and brothers, to build a cooperative effort to forge a just peace with religious freedom and healthful prosperity for all the human race. The hidden forces of karma may be complicated, but the simple and universal laws of Dharma are a sure guide for building a global high civilization, with religious freedom, peace, health, prosperity and justice for all.

more on this subject below in my letter to a Shavite...


More on this subject below in my comments to a Shavite...





First, thoughts on your letter, and then later i hope to forward something on the two historical and theological streams of Islamic thought and practice, the earliest (pre Koranic) being Sufism, and the later, Mohammedan Fundamentalism.  I want to include something on the implications of these two traditions for humanity's future.  The paper i am working on is entitled WHOSE ALLAH ?   It is part of my series WHOSE KRISHNA? WHOSE RADHA-SHAKTI-NARAYANI ?   WHOSE SHIVA ? WHOSE ELI-YAHU-BALU ?  WHOSE BUDDHA ? WHOSE JESUS ?  Etc.


Please remember while reading the following statements about fundamentalist Mohammedanism, that sattvic, personalist and Advaitan Sufi Muslims are usually ahimsa, pious peace loving people.  They often eat no flesh, and their other beliefs and behavior may be radically different from that of Mohammedan Fundamentalists.  Both the sattvic Sufis and the tamasic violent Fundamentalists call themselves Muslims, and say that they worship ALLAH, the Merciful Supreme God of the ancient ISHMAELITES.  The theophoric Hebrew name YISHMA-EL means VISHNU=HARI.  The Yishma-El-ites worshiped HARI (ELI) and HARA (EL) and sometimes compounded the two Deity Names as ELI-EL or HARI-HARA, which in Egypt was HERI-HOR. The ancient Ishmaelite Arabs were thus definitely part of the inter-racial Vedic Bhakti Tradition.  The Sufi Muslims have always identified themselves with this pre-Koranic Arab Tradition.  Their continuity with this tradition modifies their interpretation of Muhammed and his Koranic ‘Revelation’.  Thus their doctrines and  practices are not the same as found in later Koranic Islam. My research has also connected the Druze to this Tradition. These pious Sufi Muslims and Druze, and the many civilized, moderate peace loving Muslims are NOT A THREAT TO ANYONE.

They are also opposed and brutally persecuted (like the Sikhs and Bahais) by the fanatical Mohammedan  Fundamentalists.  They need our acknowledgement, prayer  intercession and help to save THEIR TRUE DHARMIC ISLAM  from the fanatical Fundamentalist Followers of Mohammed. These True peace-loving Muslims will become our allies in the struggle against Fundamentalist Terrorism. They need global empowerment, to take-back their sacred pre-Mohammedan Islamic Tradition from the fanatics who are ruining it, and with it, the peace and security of the entire human race.

It is frightening to realize that non-Muslims do not understand the difference between these two kinds of ‘Muslims’. Already there are reports in the USA of innocent peace loving Muslims, Sikhs and others ASSUMED TO BE DANGEROUS FANATICS being persecuted and attacked by angry Americans. PLEASE, DO NOT LUMP-IN SUFIS, SIKHS, DRUZE, BAHAIS, MODERATE MUSLIMS etc. WITH DANGEROUS FANATICS, and PLEASE DO NOT TURN ANGUISH / ANGER AGAINST THE INNOCENT. PRAY FOR THE SOUL-CONVERSION OF THE GUILTY, AND LET THE KSATRIYAS IDENTIFY THEM AND BRING THEM TO JUSTICE.

Letter from a Shaivite (at >), with comments by Bhakti Ananda Goswami

> Subject: Barely Daring To Breathe
> Aum Namasivaya Devasena


AUM/N, OM/N, AMUN, AMEN, the name of the Biblical Deity as ‘the Great Amen'.

HORUS (RA) AMUN at Heliopolis Egypt, was worshiped as/at His great Shrine of SIWA  (Alexander made a pilgrimage there).  In Sanskrit SIVA is usually considered to mean AUSPICIOUS or AWESOME.  In Heliopolitan Greek, the religious term SEBA meant RELIGIOUS AWE, or Auspiciousness, and it was a term associated with the unitive divine ecstasies of the Heliopolitan Mysteries.  In the religiously related Semitic Language uses, SEBA or SIVA / SHIVAN is the divine name associated with the number SEVEN / SHIVAN, the sacred number of ELI-YAHU TZABAOTH.  The theophoric Hebrew names SHEBU-EL and SHIVAN-YAHU, SIVA-YAHU clearly identify the seventh-day Semitic Deity ELO-AH with SHEBU or SHIVAN.  This same Supreme Deity of the Semites, was universal, and had hundreds of 'other Holy Names'. Actually, THE HOLY NAME is ONE in the same sense that GOD IS ONE ULTIMATELY, EVEN THOUGH ETERNALLY A PLURALITY OF PERSONS IN THE SINGULAR GODHEAD.

In fact, the Deity Name AUM/N  (AUM or AMEN etc.) for the all-pervasive, unitive Manifestation of  HERI-ASU (HORUS) is related to the words ONTOS (being), OMNI, ONE, AN (ONE), A, UNI, EIN, ON-LY, AL-ONE (and all), LONE, ATONE, ONCE, UNION etc.,  and by association, with MANY, PERMANENT, REMAIN, MAN-SION / MAN-OR (TO DWELL, REMAIN) and MANIFEST (from same root as MANY, not the 'man' root meaning 'hand' ). ONE or A person was also confounded  with HOMO, MAN, MEN and ME, SOME and SAME (HOMO = SAME=  Sanskrit SAMA, Egyptian SMA).  So we come full-circle to the YOGA of equanimity, of  BR-AHMAN (Egyptian PR-AMEN), seeing the SAME-NESS OF ALL BEINGS = SAMATA YOGA (SAMA=SAME). SAMA=AUM=BRAHMAN.

On Mount Sinai, the 'Great Amen'  revealed Himself by Name to Moses as the Great I AM (AHAM). In the Septuagint ELI-YHVH  answers Moses with the Greek words “EGO EIMI O ON”, “I AM BEING”,  and in Gita, HARI answers Arjuna with the cognate Sanskrit words "AHAM..ASMI..AUM." “I AM BEING.”



YAHU-TZABAOTH IS SENA-PATI, LORD OF THE SURA-SENOI, WHO revealed His Wrathful All-devouring-fire Form as Time / Kalah on Mount Sinai.

Dear soul, you see your invocation itself CONTAINS SEEDS OF OUR RECONCILIATION in the HOLY NAME OF OUR GOD.

? This is like being in horrible movie.  I'll feel okay
? and then the mind-boggling reality returns and presses
? the air out of my lungs. I'm supposed to be able to
? find the calm center of the Self, but I'm so very
? afraid of what might be next. These people HATE us.
? Their only reason for living and dying is to hurt
? and destroy us.  These are not people who can be
? reasoned with or can negotiate a compromise.  They will
? not rest until all Christians, Jews, Hindus, or anyone
? other than them are converted or dead.   And they've
? already proven over the decades that it's a whole lot
? easier and more fun to murder than it is to proselytize.

Yes, sadly it is true that Fundamentalist fanatic ‘Muslims’ hate non-Muslims and cannot be reasoned with.  Above I have distinguished these from the sattvic Sufis and moderate Muslims.  Now it is necessary to address the frightening reality of Mohammedan Fundamentalism.  If you study the current global state of human rights, the clear reality is this.  Communism and Fundamentalist ‘Islam’ are the worst global enemies of freedom, dignity and human rights. I recommend that all persons interested in human rights get maps on religious and racial persecution, genocide, womens’ and general rights abuses, slavery, child labor, and child military use, and global refugee status from Organizations like Amnesty International, The United Nations, and Voice of the Martyrs.  I have studied these maps and related reports for years, and they clearly show a profound contrast between human rights abuses in the Communist and Fundamentalist Muslim controlled areas, and abuses in other areas of the world. While abuses exist everywhere, the kind, and quantity present in these two most offensive areas is beyond imagination. It is state enacted terrorism inflicted on the populace of entire nations.  It is clear from these maps that India, the remaining Buddhist, Indigenous Religion, Jewish, Christian and Moderate Muslim Nations will eventually need to form an alliance to contain the anti-human rights agendas of Communism and Fundamentalist ‘Islam’.


What i am about to share with you about Islam is not the result of mere remote academic book learning, or anti-Islamic Christian or Hindu indoctrination. I have learned about Islam from Muslims themselves. After studying the history of Islam, i Personally studied the Koran and Hadith with Tablique Movement (Iranian) Muslim Fundamentalists, and visited Muslim homes, shrines and mosques while in Asia in 1982.  I also visited Sufi, Sikh and Bahai leaders and Religious Centers, and studied Sufi traditions, worshiping Radha and Krishna with the late Sufi Master Mohammed P. Casim in Sri Lanka.  He personally worshiped Allah as Krishna. Years later i again had the pleasure of spending some time in worship with members of a Sufi order from New York City.  We  chanted Hare Krishna and danced before Radha and Krishna (in Their Murtis) together in a Vaishnava Temple, with Jews, Christians and many other kinds of devotees of the Lord !

So i actually know what i am speaking about when i describe 'Islam' in both the daivic ascetic / sattvic mode of goodness, and in the asuric tamasic mode of ignorance  or corruption (tamo in Sanskrit is related to tame / tumah 'defiled, unclean, unholy' in Semitic Languages like Hebrew and Aramaic.)

? they are also cowards, exerting what they pitifully consider
?  power over women and children.  They will not look their
?  "enemies" in the eye And join the fight.  They know they
? would be crushed in an honest Battle, so they perpetrate their
?  asuric mischief furtively, making no Distinction between warrior
?  and child.

Muhammed himself personally led the first jihad in which they wiped out all 'infidels' who refused to 'convert' and financed their rapid conquest by plunder and extorting ‘protection’ money out of all Jews and Christians....a 'tax' they called it... For allowing them to live.

> their goal is dominion; their weapon is mayhem.  In fact, they have
> used our own technology and structure to wound us.  Us, the world,
? not Just the USA.  It's not just Americans that they hate.
? They have repeatedly assaulted nations perceived as less able
? to retaliate.

Supported by the USA's Allies, the Saudi Arabians, the Arab ‘Muslim’ Government in the north of the Sudan has been committing genocidal atrocities on an unimaginible scale against the Coptic related Catholic and Tribal religionists in the south.  Osama Bin Laden has his terrorist training school in Sudan, where they have wiped out thousands of tiny poor agrarian villages, murdering all the men, enslaving all the women, girls and older boys (actual chattle slavery is allowed under Koranic law...which is why slave trading has always been a Mohammedan Specialty) and leaving all small boys  and infants to die.  Please educate yourselves about this holocaust  and the 'lost boys' of the so-called Sudanese 'civil War' (stick hoes against tanks and machine guns = civil war ????).  10,000 orphaned  little boys from wiped-out villages in Sudan made it to one refugee camp in Kenya...by themselves, except they said, ‘we were not alone God was with us took care of us’ ! NBC News may have an online story About The Lost Boys of Sudan.

Bin Laden's friends are the Afghan Taliban who wanted to force non-Muslims to wear labels exactly like the Nazis did to the Jews. When the Taliban took control, they ended all education for girls and women, and all but menial unpaid 'domestic' labor for girls and women...thus they dis-empowered half of their people in the name of Mohammed, and reduced countless women and girls into starving beggars with no education and no means of livelihood.

When I was in Sri Lanka, I learned that girl children of the Fundamentalists were NEVER ALLOWED TO PLAY OUTSIDE.  Inside the house they stayed in the womens’ quarters. They never socialized together in the homes as families, but were always segregated,  except when serving the men in their publicly (guest accessible) section of the house ………and then they had to be covered from head to toe in a black veil. Women were not allowed to ride in cars, to step outside without a male escort, or to appear outside their at any time without full veiling. The punishment under law for these  things could be beating or death for ‘offending the Prophet’. Men were expected to punish the ‘offenders’ (daughters, wives etc.) and if they didn’t, they would be driven from the mosque, shunned by the whole community, deprived of their livelihood and destined to ruin and  starvation.  So men might kill one family member to avoid watching  their entire family starve to death.

Fanatical ‘Islam’ is a cruel, loveless, joyless, anti-intellectual and artless tyranny In the Name of God. It touches every aspect of life, from what one is allowed to shout at sports events (yes these  are allowed !), to what one can discuss with friends.  Children have been jailed and executed for telling their friends about Jesus, or giving a friend a Bible. The Taliban outlawed all musical instruments and even the playing of chess.  Of course physical art representing human or other creaturly form is forbidden under pain of death, and  any form of sharing the Gospel of Krishna, Buddha or Jesus can get a  person killed as an enemy of the State jihad.

When US soldiers were fighting in the Gulf War in Saudi Arabia,  Christian and Jewish Chaplains were not even allowed to carry  their Scriptures with them to minister to the troops.

? all the world's countries have suffered because of them,
? whether from direct attack Or through the fear and stress
? their threats engender.

 They have this week impacted global events, causing direct and indirect suffering to countless millions, but the  greatest suffering is of the people, men, women, and children enslaved in  fundamentalist Muslim societies, who have no human rights at all. They can be tortured , maimed or killed arbitrarily for the most  unimaginable ‘offences’, like 'offending the prophet' by a girl showing  her uncovered  face in a window, or in public. A man's own children born to concubines (not one of 4 legal wives) may be considered PROPERTY by him, and sold as slaves under Mohammedan law.

When i was in Sri Lanka in 1982 the government and Interpol ( the International police organization) were trying to learn the where-abouts of 1/2 million poor Sri Lankan women who were flown to Saudi Arabia for 'jobs', only to completely disappear. Under the laws of Muhammed it is illegal to enslave Muslims, but legal to enslave infidels.  If one owns an infidel, and they 'convert' to Islam, they are still a slave, unless their master decides to free them.  The followers of Mohammed are still the number one international slave traders on Earth,  trafficking in mainly in women and children of both sexes, especially as sex slaves. Interpol assumed the missing Sri Lankan women had become virtual prisoners as sex-domestic slaves in Saudi Arabia and their  allied ‘Muslim’ states. A Muslim man is allowed to keep as many concubines as he wants. Legal wives may like them, because they  take the worst treatment and do the heaviest labor, and have no rights. The children of concubines have no rights, so they don’t compete with the children of the legal wives.  Feminists spending energy fighting the supposed female oppression of the Christian world should turn their efforts to the inconceivable abuse and oppression of women, children and Gender-variant peoples in Muslim countries. Practices like 'honor killings’ and female genital  mutilation, including clitoral excision, total removal of the  labia and even sewing the vagina almost totally closed are practiced in  Muslim cultures.   Fathers, Brothers, husbands and sons are  expected to kill their own daughters, sisters, wives and mothers  if they 'dishonor' them, or 'offend the prophet'.

 > how much more will be tolerated?

Why does civilized humanity tolerate Fundamentalist Mohammedanism? Two words, ....oil and communism. The Arabs have the whole world over an oil barrel, and the free world needs Muslim allies against Red China. So, the mighty USA says nothing about the atrocities in Sudan, calling a 20 + year genocidal campaign a 'civil war', because we don't want to offend the sponsors of that holocaust...our good-buddy allies the Saudis.

> how can we fight an enemy too cowardly to
> show its face? How can we justify all the casualties to come? God, ? god! please help us to deal with the future we face!

There are three major asuric forces threatening the survival of our planet.

1) militant Communist atheism
2) militant Fundamentalist Mohammedanism
3)immoral exploitative Predatory Capitalism

As long as the Christians, Hindus, sattvic Muslims, (yes they do exist !!!), Buddhists, Formerly Buddhists, and Tribal religionists  don't unite their billions to stand against these adharmic forces,  humanity has no chance without direct Divine Intervention.

> i am ashamed of my intense fear.

The Lord's Form as Mahadeva Kalah Bairava is truly terrifying. When  Arjuna saw Krishna as Kalah on the battlefield, he was terrified. As death, Kalah / Time comes to the devotees and the demons alike... but to the devotees, He comes as moksha / liberation, and an eternity of bliss with their Lord, while Death comes to the asuras not with the reward of beatific bliss, but with a trip to the cosmic / karmic reality therapy of hellish states and the Yamaduttas.

? sometimes i must even shout my japam,
? just to drown out the demonic gibbering of a million "what if"
? situations. It's so easy to expound religious maxims when the world
? looks sunny.  I can barely glimpse the Light through the choking
? clouds of destruction. The Lord knows my lack of spiritual maturity.
? This horror, too, the steps of His mighty dance. I cry for solace and
? comfort from our Parent, reaching, begging, like a starving child.

God/Ess expects us to make this world a dharmic place.  It is we who have failed in our familial and social responsibilities toward eachother, and the whole community of creation.  Religious people have neglected Dharma and have thus ALLOWED the asuric forces to become powerful. What good is it to be 'so heavenly minded that we are no Earthly good' ? Gentle strength is not the same as weakness, and awareness of karma  Should not cause us to hesitate to defend Dharma, and with Dharma, all Presumed innocent beings.

? Please forgive my outpouring and pray for me.  I am praying for all
? of you and your families and loved ones.  Pray for the leaders of the
? world, that they are able to work in concert to remove this danger
? from our lives.
? I love you all,

We must all pray and perform japa and tapasya....the 'tapas' or Penance of acts of restoration and reconciliation.  We must cease to deny, excuse and thus to promote adharmic regimes and traditions.
We must also stop speculating about the karma of those who suffer, and leave judgement of sins not seen up to GOD.  He requires us to act according to Dharma in what can be seen.  The lord requires us to protect and care for each other, in fact Jesus said LOVE YOUR ENEMIES ! To protect others is an essential part of our humanity, which we Have neglected.  We majority devotees are the ones who have allowed the atheists, the fundamentalists and the economic exploiters to ruin the freedom, peace and health of the Earth.   Due to our sad divisions, we have allowed the asuric forces to overpower us.  United, there are more  of us than there are of the hateful warmongers.   All we need is the  kind of unity of purpose that they have !

Perhaps those souls' 9-11-01 sacrifice was the martyrdom required to finally begin to draw together the resolve of the majority devotees of this sin-weary world.  Let their martyrdom not be in vain !  The blood of martyrs is ever seed .  Let it this time mature in reason and bear  fruit in a just and lasting global peace....one in which women can show their faces in public unafraid, and in which there are no slaves, no 'lost boys', or terrorist training camps, no sexually mutilated little  girls.  Let us build a world where men love their daughters, sisters,  wives and mothers, instead of murdering them in the Name of God...

How can we expect the Lord to protect us, when we neglect our duty to protect each other?  He has provided everything we need, but we must exercise our free will to utilize His gifts.  Love is the greatest of all God’s gifts.  Love is passive and active,  receiving and giving, compassionate and just, and ever protective and nurturing of others. May the divine love and protection of Father-Mother God/Ess alone motivate us at this difficult time, and may Their merciful, forgiving love ultimately carry us all Back to Home, Back to Godhead.

Hare Krishna ! your aspiring servant, Bhakti Ananda Goswami

Copyright © Tridandi Sannyasi Bhakti Ananda Goswami 2001 - All Rights Reserved

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