Einstein's Last Words: Found a World Youth Parliament and a Cosmic Religion

A speech by Professor William Hermans

Delivered at the Meeting of the Ways Conference - Stanford 1982

"I was, my friends, a volunteer in the First World War and survived it through a vow on the battlefield of Verdun, "God save me and I will serve you as long as I live." One million French and German soldiers were killed on the battlefield within 9 months, but I'm still alive and speak to you now, 86 years old.

Mr. Einstein [and I] had contact in 1921, when I was in Berlin, a student to prepare for a position in the League of Nations in Geneva. Einstein knew about my past and I visited him as often as I could in Berlin and later in Princeton, and this is what he said to me shortly before his death in 1954 in Princeton:

"Billy Hermans," (we spoke German together when we were intimate friends), "mark this. We go toward a third World War and this war will break out in the Middle East." I was amazed. I said, "You know I was in the First World War and then served on the American side as an officer in the Second World War. Now we must regard this. What then?" "What then?", he said. "Nothing, what then. One fourth of mankind will survive this war and they will live in caves, and then the fourth World War will come and then they will fight it out with clubs."

I said, "Dr. Einstein, that is impossible. We must do something together." "No," he said, "I am done. I soon will die, but if you want to do something for the world, try to found two things. Since you made a vow at Verdun, you may well have been chosen for that part."

And now I will tell you what Einstein wanted me to do. Now, still I am alive at 86. "Found", he said, "a world youth parliament. The Russians, the Chinese, the black people in Africa - everyone has to become a member. If those will not become a member now but later, you must start now - a world youth parliament." The second thing I should found was a cosmic religion. He said, "Religions, for 2000 years, have forfeited their purpose. They made a pact always with political powers to grow their own religious power. You found a world parliament and a cosmic religion."

This, to do, may be someone among you here, my friends, who will help me. I'm still alive and I have my son here, too, who will follow the Einstein admonition to found two things to save ourselves of a third World War. The two things, a cosmic religion including all existing religions, but a religion of absolute love. A religion that starts not now of difference between Christian and Jew and Moslem, between black and white - a religion of absolute love. The second thing we found is a world youth parliament. I thank you for listening."

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