Evidence has been found that the Ancient Egyptians had a functioning understanding of Flight Technology. In 1898, in an ancient tomb, in Saqqara, Egypt, a scale model of a very advanced type of cargo-carrying pusher plane or powered glider was discovered. It has been dated to be around 2200 years old. I personally believe it to be older. Because it was discovered before the era of modern flight, it went unrecognized and was stored in a box labelled "wooden bird models."

It sat in the basement of the Museum of Cairo for decades, until it was rediscovered by Dr. Khalil Messiha. Dr. Messiha has made a life study of these ancient models. The discovery was deemed so important that the Egyptian Ministry of Culture assigned a special committee to study it. The results of the findings were so impressive that a special exhibit was set up in the central hall of the museum with the artifact as the centerpiece. It was labelled "An Ancient Model Airplane." The following is a direct quote from the source, written in 1972.

"First of all, this thing has the exact proportions of a very advanced form of what is called a pusher-glider that is still having the "bugs ironed out of it." This device is actually a glider that will almost stay in the air of itself so that even a tiny engine would keep it going at speeds as low as 45 to 65 m.p.h. while it could carry an enormous pay-load. The whole business depends upon the strange shape and proportions of the wings. These, as you will see from the drawing, curve down at the tips. This is called a "reversedihedral wing." Now we have the startling shape of the Concorde, the design of every part of which was planned to give this juggernaut the maximum lift without detracting from it's speed. And so what do we see? The ancient Egyptian airplane model has the same wing form and proportions as the Modern Concorde jet. It seems rather incredible to us that anybody, for any reason, should have devised just such a model over 2000 yrs ago. Is this another "left over" from some greatly advanced civilization....It looks like it is." End quote

For those who have the Vedic Scriptures as their manual to understanding history etc. this info is not really a surprise. Most modern researchers would rather blindly search for facts with little or no reference, and thus they are constantly forced to revise their positions. However, researchers who accept the Vedic Scriptures as accurate manuals to the reality of the Universe, are rewarded again and again with positive and accurate findings.

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