Should We All Be Vegetarians?


USA, Jul 13 (VNN) — TIME Magazine on Vegetarianism

Should We All Be Vegetarians?

NEW YORK, July 15, 2002: Sporting the ubiquitous hamburger bun overflowing with vegetables, the July 15 issue of Time magazine carries a cover story on the merits of vegetarianism for everyone. For many, meat is an obscene cuisine. It's not just the additives and ailments connected with the consumption of beef, though a dish of hormones, E. coli bacteria or the scary specter of mad-cow disease might be effective enough as an appetite suppressant. It's that more and more Americans, particularly young Americans, have started engaging in a practice that would once have shocked their parents. They are eating their vegetables. Also their grains and sprouts. Some 10 million Americans today consider themselves to be practicing vegetarians, according to a Time poll of 18,000 adults; an additional 20 million have flirted with vegetarianism sometime in their past. Discussing a number of nutritional issues like calcium absorption and vitamin B12 to the ethical argument that vegetarianism is a much more environment-friendly diet than those revolving around meat, this lengthy article provides much food for thought.

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This article was also the Home page top article on Netscape (8th July 2002) which leads to the CNN site who is carrying the same article with links to another Time Magazine site that is carrying the FIVE PAGE positive article.

The site asks the question, "Is a well-balanced vegetarian diet healthier than one that includes meat?" shows a coloured "Pie chart" that reveals an amazing trend that is now going on in the world (see link). 73.4 % say that YES, a well-balanced veggie diet healthier than one that includes meat? Only a mere 26.6 % say otherwise out of 18,000 polled.

Since this time the poll has risen to well over 39,000 with an overwhelming YES vote of 88.5%

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